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Facts About Company is a brand website of Amruth Sparsh Ayurveda Centre, Karnataka in Bangalore is one of the leading Ayurveda Treatments and Rejuvenation Center with more than 10 years experience having highly specialized Ayurveda doctors. promoting Natural Ayurveda food Products to boost health, immunity, memory, Diabetes, Fat Control, Nerves and Bones system improvements, stamina, etc., in the form of malt, juice, powder, food ingredients for natural health.

Amruth Sparsh is keen to promote natural health food products, to ensure that every human being is naturally healthy and healthy, that food products act as a slow medicine, just as the ancient people used natural foods.

Amruth Sparsh specialized in providing various Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation therapies right from kids to old age citizens including Cancer Treatments and physiotherapy. products are prepared using natural millet’s and Ayurveda powders, these products are completely free from chemicals, also not used any preservatives, colors and taste powders

Arogyamruth A2 cow Desi Ghee is pure natural and very good for heart and digestive system

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Pure Desi Cow Ghee - get 10%+5% extra discount

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Good Source Of Energy
Good For Heart
Great For Skin
Source Of Good Fat

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Research based services for Psoriasis, Diabetes, Obesity etc.,Raise the standards of AYURVEDIC MEDICINE from an Alternative therapy to a mainline medical option

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