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Diabetes in working class women:

Diabetes in working class women:

  •  Its well known that stress can take a toll on the body in multiple ways, but a new study suggest that it may impact women’s health in a way it does not affect men’s.
  • Women’s risk could be caused by a stress- included changes in immune system functioning or hormone levels, or it could be due to changes in health behavior, particularly those related to diet and energy expenditures, possibly as coping mechanisms
  • The results showed that 19% of cases of diabetes in women were due to low job control. This number is higher than that of smoking, drinking or low physical activity but lows than that of obesity.
  • The difference lies in the way men and women deal with stress in the workplace, while women are more likely to turn to unhealthy food for relief, men are more likely to turn to other forms of relief like working out and running.
  • Rotating night shift work can (mess with the) increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes the backward schedule can mess with the body’s ability to use insulin properly to break down sugars in the blood

Symptoms particularly in women:

  •   Excessive thirst is the most common diabetes symptoms in women.
  • Another common symptom is fatigue
  •  Unusual weight loss is seen in women having type 1 diabetes.
  •  Excessive urination
  • Blurred vision
  • Skin infections and vaginal yeast infections

Dark ring around your mask-when body storts

Pumping out too much insulin-which is common with type 2- receptors in the skin folds respond by making extra pigment.

Factors increase risk for type 2 diabetes:

  • Age-45 years or older
  • Overweight or obese
  • Parents, brother, or sister with D M
  • Have had gestational diabetes
  •  Blood pressure in 140/90 or highs, or have been told that I have high B P
  • Fairly inactive
  • Have PCOS.
  • History of cardiovascular disease.

Other clinical conditions associated with insulin resistance, such as a conditions called Acanthosis nigricans, characterised by a dark , velvety rash around neck or armpits.

Lifestyle to be maintained:

  •  Be physically active every
  • Reach and maintain a reasonable body
  •  Make wise food choice most of the time.
  • Reduce your sodium and alcohol intake.
  • Take your prescribed medicine – medicine to help control this blood pleasure or cholesterol levels.
  • Missing even one breakfast each week increase your risk  of types 2 diabetes by 20%.

Pramsha Moksham :

  • Can assure and reversing diabetic symptoms.
  • Has absolutely no side effects or withdrawal issues
  • Improves lifestyles with an advised diet and exercise regime.

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